Boticoman FOR MEN

Makeup industry has always been women centric before we jumped in and disrupted it completely. Male makeup was projected as a taboo but we squashed it and made it a priority. Some called us a disruptor and some a rebel-star but infact we truly are pioneers in changing the landscape of men’s grooming around the world. We are Boticoman Organics, an authentic and most trusted Men’s skincare and makeup brand.

Our philosophy

Masculinity is everything and the success of makeup for men products often lies in the products ability to go undetected. After all, if others can see it, you’ve gone wrong.

Our values

We at Boticoman Organics extol the importance of Love for nature. Mother Nature in its abundance teaches us the value of love and forbearance. We perspire hard to share this unsullied love by creating the most natural vegan products that not only are ultra-luxurious but environment friendly and cruelty free.

Why men cosmetics?

We say why not men! After all if you’re a man, it makes sense to treat your skin with male-targeted skincare products. What works for a woman’s skin may not work on yours. Following are the major anatomical differences between male and female skin:

  • Thanks to testosterone male skin is upto 25% thicker than female skin. Additionally it has more collagen density than the female skin.
  • Sebum (Oil) production in men is almost double than that of women as men have pores which are larger and more prominent.
  • Ageing appear late among men, but once they start they age quickly. As a result they are often seen victims of sagging skin, dark circles and puffy eyes, making them look aged and tired.
  • Men skin is often subject to skin damage either due to sun exposure or shaving blunders. If untreated it results into serious skin imperfections and will add up few more years to men’s skin.

Our origin

Over the past few decades the use of natural products has increased exponentially, but there is still serious dearth of alternatives when it comes to Men’s Makeup and Skincare products. As male skin is completely different in its texture and appearance from female counterpart, a dedicate approach to skincare and product lineup that respects the unique biological attributes of men is the need of an hour.

Make in India

We take immense pride in acknowledging the ancient wisdom and rich cultural heritage of India. The unique and ever changing landscape has blessed the country with rich floral diversity. Our ingredients are richly sourced from different parts of the world.

Our manufacturing experience

We combine most powerful natural herbs with latest scientific methods to create the most idiosyncratic alluring products for irresistible needs of modern men. We are class leading and pioneers in initiating an era where men do not feel shy in indulging in beauty treatments and makeup.