6 Super Ingredients to Make Hair Grow Faster For Men

6 Super Ingredients to Make Hair Grow Faster For Men

What checkpoints do you keep for perfect grooming? Maybe a perfectly trimmed moustache and beard, clean hair off your neck and nose, good dental check and clothes tailored to fit your body right? But how can you miss out on your hair, or better to say the good quality hair? 

 Are you one of those who like to have good thick hair, and want to get over the growing patchy scalp? Let’s do a quick fact check; your hair grows about six inches every year, which comes to about half an inch of hair growth per month. But if that is not true in your case, then probably that’s a reason why you are losing your hair.

As we all know that hair loss is one of the most common problems we all face these days, but no one has an exact reason for it. There is good news though, we might not have a proper reason but we have a super solution or say super ingredients to make hair grow faster for guys.

Here are 6 super ingredients by which you can grow your hair the way you want and get rid of your receding hairline and patchy beard.


It is one of the newly discovered award winning compounds that is known to aid hair growth . It is a natural plant-based product that directly targets the steam cells of follicles that primarily encourages cell division and thereby helps to improve the hair growth pattern. Apart from it, Redensyl also contains other compounds that help to provide protein to your hair and acts as an anti-inflammatories component.

In a clinical trial for men suffering from alopecia, Redensyl is found to increase hair growth  by 214% as compared to untreated hair and almost two times better result than minoxidil. In fact, it is one of the best remedies and alternatives to hair transplant that naturally helps in the development and quality of hair growth .

We will suggest you Boticoman Organics Advanced Hair Growth Serum that comes loaded with Redensyl and Anagain. This is one of the best male grooming products that you can find in the market, specially designed to increase new hair growth and to prevent hair fall. 


It is another useful component based on an extract of organic pea sprouts. Anagain has been tested for its effects on cyclical hair growth . A hair growth cycle consists of three phases: anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is the growth phase that lasts about three to five years. Where it helps in new hair development by reducing the hair growth of telogen hairs.

Thus we can clearly say that it is a natural and sustainable contributor to fuller and thicker hair. Anagain work well with Redensyl and in fact most of hair growth serums available in the market come with this combination. If you like thick and dense hair, try out Boticoman Organics Advanced Hair Growth Serum. It comes from trusted and best men’s skincare and grooming brand. This will make you outshine and give your hair a perfectly smooth touch to complement your personality.


If you think your hair is losing shine, protein and quality then all we suggest is that you need Keratin. Keratin contains natural hair proteins that add shine and lustre to your hair; moreover, it is naturally formulated and is safe for your hair. 

Since, keratin acts naturally toward building blocks for your hair, a keratin treatment keeps the health factor in check. It also protects hair from damage and conditions. In short, you can say that a Keratin Hair treatment artificially adds proteins to your hair, making it frizz-free and healthy.


Biotin is the well-known vitamin - Vitamin 7, which is useful in the case of healthy hair, skin, and nails. Also, the deficiency of biotin in the body can lead to many effects on the body like dull skin. Therefore many researchers suggest that biotin supplements are absolutely important for the body. Therefore, biotin is often added to multivitamins and hair/nail/skin supplements for better development and good growth.


Onion oil/serum is no new name when it comes to hair growth remedies, we all have heard from our mothers and grandma about how mixing onion with hair oil and then massaging it over improves hair growth and provides various nutrients as well. 

So now let us understand how it is useful and why it is suggested, Onion Oil/serum is rich in Sulphur, Potassium & antioxidants that is the reason why it reduces hair fall & accelerates hair regrowth quickly. It even makes hair smoother, shinier and stronger. Definitely, a proven and long back tested ingredient.


It is another rich component useful in adulthood to bring back lost hair and grow new hair. It is suggested to apply Minoxidil oil on the scalp which can stimulate hair development. To date, if we understand, the positive effect of minoxidil on hair growth is mainly due to its metabolite, minoxidil sulfate, and the enzyme responsible for this conversion is sulfotransferase, which are located in hair follicles and varies in production among individuals. Though Minoxidil is an effective ingredient but it has its own cons. Firstly, unlike all the above listed ingredients, Minoxidil is an artificial/chemical compound manufactured in labotatories that has its own side effects. Secondly, the process takes longer, and if you leave the treatment in the middle, then there might be a possibility of hair fall because of this.

So these were a few essential ingredients that can help you grow and cover your receding hairline and patchy beard. But most important of all, what you need to do is to take a proper diet that includes all the essential nutrients and minerals. Following a healthy lifestyle is just another point which you need to build on. We hope you will find this useful and will surely implement as well, for good hair health.