Undoubtedly, concealer is your best friend but it can also turn into your worst enemy if it is not used in the right way. The creasing lines and ashy complexions are just a few of the concealer blunders that can happen to anyone.

But we got you all covered!

We have gathered some of the most common mistakes that you guys make.

So get ready to throw your misplaced masculine insecurities aside to embrace with some tinted moisturizer, a little concealer is an easy part.

Perfecting your technique involves a little more hard work and will take a few trials as well. So, let us get started! 


Are You Buying the wrong colour?

One of the biggest mistakes which you can make is not choosing the correct shade. Although this is one of the common mistakes which all of us make or have done in the past. 

We will suggest you always go a shade lighter than your foundation. As the lighter tone will cancel out dark discolouration and give you a proper covering. But guys remember to be careful that you do not go too far as concealers that are more than one shade lighter than your skin tone can leave you with a ghostly look unless you want one. 

 Lighter shades (Fair & Light) acts as a highlighter and offer fairer white glowing skin complexion, whereas darker shades (Medium & Tan) helps to cover major & minor skin imperfections like scars, shaving cuts, acne, blemishes, hickeys, etc.

 As we mentioned this is one of the common mistakes that we generally make. 

So now if you have already bought the wrong colour, there's a quick tip for you, you can blend it with a small amount of your foundation and it is good to go.


Are you placing the product in the wrong spot?

We often tend to just put all we have and we think it is all done. But wait, is it really that easy?

Let's find out.

For flawless coverage, you will need to do more work than just patting the product on the problem area. Like if we talk about your under-eye then instead of applying the coverup in a semi-circle underneath your lower lash line try extending the product down in an inverted triangle shape. The point of the triangle should stop across from the tip of your nose and the corners of your eye.

This simple and easy technique will help you in blending in the concealer seamlessly with the rest of your makeup.

Here comes Boticoman Organics super tip, if you follow this technique for applying concealer then it will brighten up your face where light would naturally reflect.


Are you applying too much product?

Remember less is always more. Applying too much concealer can lead to unwanted creasing. The dreaded lines can become worse throughout the day as oil builds up and you make your regular facial expressions.

Worried right? But wait we always a remedy. 

If you're a little heavy-handed, use a tissue to blot off excess product. Another pro tip: Layer on a few drops of eye cream with a cotton swab to help dilute any extra concealer.

You’re not following your skincare routine

 We all know the better the health of your skin better your makeup looks, even the fewer products it will need to look its best. So remember before applying to make-up, ensure your skin is clean and well-moisturized. This will create a good, smooth base and you may need to apply only on certain areas, such as your T-zone. For this you can also choose Boticoman Organics - PARWHITE  skin whitening face and body lotion for men, the prime reason to suggest you this is first and foremost it is organic and therefore best for you, secondly it’s specifically made for men’s skincare, wait only this it gives you long-lasting moisturization of about 24 hours. 

You can also use a gentle exfoliator once a week to slough off dulling dead skin cells and give your complexion a smoother appearance. Never forget your regular clay mask also help to deep cleanse pores they may be underrated but are more significant than they look. 

These were some tips or you can better say an ultimate guide for your makeup routine. We have given you some good advice on your skincare and makeup. We think you will find this helpful to pick your perfect concealer shade as well.