Hey, have you started rubbing your face, finding it itchy and dry? So you are not alone as we all know winter is coming!

This drop-down in temperature is most unfriendly to our skin. Our skin inevitably starts to feel the effects as our body are stripped of their natural oils and feels all dehydrated.


This type of issue is common in both men and women. But women have already found ways to make their skin glowing, healthier and are utilizing this season to replenish and heal their skin. 


So, guys, we are here for you. To tell you there is a lot more than just washing your face and applying moisturizer in this cold season. Here we are sharing 7 important things that you must do to show off your healthy and glowing winter skin. 

#1. Do not forget to clean your skin. 

Cleaning your skin or washing your face should be your top priority. Not only in winters but it should be a crucial part of your summer skincare.

Always remember to clean your skin both in the morning and at night. As it helps the skin to get rid of all the toxic compounds that you come in contact with. Using a good face wash helps to remove the clogged pores and helps the skin to breathe.

It also makes the skin clean, nourished and fresh. 

#2. Daily moisturizing is important. 

Applying moisturizer is important, but extremely important for winters. This is one of the easy ways to avoid dry and dead skin. It helps the skin to stay hydrated and prevent deep lines and wrinkles.

We will suggest you Boticoman Organics Tinted moisturizer that comes with Hyaluronic Acid. This is one of the best male grooming products that you can find in the market, specially designed for your skin type. 

#3. Use sunscreen.

Many of us take sunscreen for granted and forget to wear it. But I must tell you that sunscreen is one of the keen things that you should not forget while stepping out in the sun. Also, some of us live in the myth that sunscreen is only important during the summers, but it is not the truth. Sunscreen is equally necessary & important during the winters.

So, play smart and never underestimate your sunscreen.

#4. Use a face mask. 

Using a face mask is necessary for men’s too. Specifically talking about winters, it is fruitful for the skin as they provide proper nutrition to your skin and keep it hydrated.

In addition to this, it is also a great way to keep your skin looking smooth, hydrated, and youthful.

#5. Treating your dull-looking skin.

Other than dryness this is another major problem we all have to tackle in winter. The opaque appearance of the black spot on the skin, this all together with dryness gives a dull-looking skin. 

The best solution gentleman for solving this skin problem is exfoliating the skin with good scrub approximately twice or thrice a week. This will allows you to clean underneath the skin and give air to new cells to breathe. 

This will be helpful in buffing the face and will also improve your skin quality.

#6. Pay attentions to lips.

Lips are an important and noticeable part of your face, so obviously you cannot afford them to look dull-dead in winters. 

So guys here comes a simple lip care tip for you. A good natural lip balm will solve it all. 

Hey, but remember not any lip balm, do remember to buy and use a lip balm which gives you SPF protection as well. As it will not only keep your lips hydrated and nourished but also protect them from sun tanning and harmful rays.

#7. Under-eye winter-care.

You will not be very surprised to know why under eye winter care is important. Your under-eye area generally lacks sweat and oil glands making it a dehydrated area.

Many men’s these days are paying much attention to their grooming and have started wearing basic makeup. So for them and for others also it is very important to provide your under-eye good care, otherwise you will end up with wrinkles eventually. 

To prevent this, a little dab with a good moisturizer is enough. I will suggest you use a men’s skin-friendly Boticoman Organics Parwhite Skin Whitening Face & Body Lotion for Men. This will not only hydrates and nourish your skin but also gives you an even shade to cover your dull and dry skin. 

These were tips for you to groom yourself and say bye to dry and dull skin this winter season. These tips and tricks will help you to prepare healthy skin in this winter season, as why should men’s stay a step back in showing their nourished and healthy skin. 

Other than this, gentlemen do not forget to take proper care of your body as it also needs your equal attention.

 I hope you will find these useful for your winter grooming and skincare.