Yes, you got that right; concealer has been a secret weapon for decades behind the fresh faces of mostly A-list actors, models and musicians on the red carpet between hundreds of cameras flaunting their styles. 

Despite this fact, many of you men will undoubtedly disagree with the fact of dabbing your finger in the makeup pot.

But wait let us not forget 2021! It has been the year to celebrate, breaking of the gender norms. Not only do men find makeup comfortable, but many of them started teaching the tips to use foundation, concealer and other grooming products.

Here comes a tricky fact about concealers which you should never forget…

If we say ‘Concealer is not a makeup product’ surprised! But that is true. As it is a way of hiding those dark circles, redness and spots. Without even revealing that you have concealer on! 

Now that was a secret. 


Let us first understand what concealer is.

Concealer is creamy or liquid pigment, to conceal all your imperfection so that you too can flaunt on the red carpet just like your favourite star. You can use concealer every day while going to a party, date or job interview as it will always give you a new fresh look.

Now here comes an obvious question-


How to use a concealer ?

Always remember it is not a moisturizer that you apply everywhere on your face. It is a concealer that is even easier to use.  

A quick dab under your eyes, a touch up near nostrils and last but not to leave that ingrown hair. And what next, everything is gone - no more dark circles, no patches and redness. 

It is really simple and easy right guys? Now comes a definitely a very important question -


How to choose the right concealer ?

Never compromise with your skin by choosing the wrongly matched concealer to your skin type. As it is all waste unless you want a funny look on some days and then a bad skin.

Always decide which type of concealer you need.

By this we want you to decide which form of concealer you want to pick-cream concealers, liquid concealers and stick concealers.  These creamy and liquid-based concealers are almost similar; they give you a lot of coverage.  But if you want the best coverage, then go for a stick concealer . They are easily blendable and give you exactly what you are looking for. 

I will definitely suggest you try out YOUTHREDUX UNDER-EYE CONCEALER STICK FOR MEN by BOTICOMAN ORGANICS. This product is best suited for men’s skin type and gives you a perfect camouflage with natural skin tone providing you with a no-makeup look. 


A perfect colour tone is a must.

Here comes today’s tip: Yes I know you all know this one. Always keep in mind to pick the perfect colour shade while buying any makeup products. They play a most important role in the look you want. Whether you want to look cool or clown it matters right!

Talking about concealers, there comes two keen stages for achieving a perfect celebrity look.

STAGE 1: Pick a shade that matches your skin tone to help conceal dark and low areas. Medium and Tan shades are thus a perfect fit for Asian skin types. They blend completely with your natural skin tone and help to conceal acne, blemishes and other skin imperfections perfectly.

STAGE 2: Pick a shade one or two shades lighter (Fair and Light shade) than your skin tone for a lighter illuminating effect. Dab concealer all over your face and neck to achieve a homogenous whiter radiant skin. This is the most important step as it gives coverage to all the dark and low areas and uplifts them. Therefore a lighter tone is indeed helpful for achieving celebrity style photoshopped skin tone. 



Skin type vs. Concealer

For picking a perfect concealer it is very necessary to know your skin. As different skin types need different concealer types. 

Like an oily skin will need a matte concealer and the dry skin type will need something hydrating. So be wise and pick wisely. It’s always better to use hybrid concealers. The YOUTHREDUX under-eye concealer from BOTICOMAN ORGANICS is both a concealer and a sunscreen. It's a double bonanza and the good news is that you need only one product that can do both — so you can save your skin from sun damage while also staving off early signs of aging and skin dryness. The vitamin E extract keeps your skin from drying out, while the broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF-15) protects skin from harmful UV rays, which also causes skin pigmentation and skin damage.

Some other basic points to consider are that there are concealers for you if you have stressed skin “acne” or sensitive skin. So always pick your concealer wisely, don’t let these acne excuses keep you always from flaunting.

These were some basic tips for you before you go shopping. Other than this always choose a brand that is for you and your skin type. BOTICOMAN ORGANIC is one such as it provides you with best men concealer and other grooming products. The products are organic here and most importantly for Indian men’s skin.

I hope you guys will find it helpful.