THE MEN’S MAKEUP -A new social buzz!

THE MEN’S MAKEUP -A new social buzz!

Eyeliner, colour corrector, concealer and a smoked eyeshadow is just perfect to go with your sassy beard, long-curvy moustache and that bold look!

Makeup for men is getting popular with the passing days. Looking perfect and vibing confidence shall not be buried behind the bars of gender. Makeup is not just for anyone, but it is for everyone!

Makeup for men is often seen as taboo in the society we live in, although it's not true, makeup and men have been partners for ages. Keeping it simple makeup is aligned to every skin and colour type, not with feminism or masculism. 

If we see practically, we all have used our wife or girlfriend's moisturizer or any skincare product. Outwardly even without paying much attention to the fact that it is not for our skin type. But recently, the market is flooded with male moisturizers and other cosmetics suited for male grooming. 

Why Should Girls Have All the Fun?

The skincare product and the cosmetic market has long been dominated by women, but it is time to break this norm and bring in the change. It is time for men to move forward with their zeal for good looks and embracing their skin with a touch of highlights.

With the growing reach of social media, we can easily catch up with the growing trend of a man doing makeup. Videos and posts are the continuous motivation for uplifting guy beauty, asking us to try something new every time. We can see its positive outlook, as the Indian men are continuously adapting and rapidly jumping onto this trend. They are breaking all the walls and embracing something that was considered too feminine or even taboos a few years back.

Guy-Makeup. Trend Is Back!

Makeup has gained its feminist approach only a few decades back as when we look behind, men makeup is not a new concept. Men have been flaunting their beauty for ages in history. Whether in the Egyptian or Elizabethan era, eyeliner designs and lip makeover have been symbols of grace for every man. 

Looking back to the men’s makeup in the 18th century, it was a classic symbol of male power, status and masculinity. Not ending here, it was even believed that makeup can help to cope with illness. Yes, you heard it right the green eyeshadow was a ward to malady. However, after we moved a bit with time, makeup became more of an artistic symbol for females. This concludes that the feminization's of makeup is just a newer concept in front of male love for makeup. 

However, this ideology was broken by fashion icons and celebrities who found no loss in flaunting their rouged lips and liner breaking the notion of makeup limited to females. This challenged the entire concept of gendered- society and has brought a massive change. The mindset of the people developed to adapt to modernity, which coined the term and concept of dwelled metrosexual men in the 21st century. 

Makeup & Bloke, Around The World

The journey from 4000 BC to today, makeup has been emerging and popping with time and so are the people. There are tons of changes here and there in the name of society, gender and class. But finally, at present, we see that everything is normal and accepted whether it is a man’s eye makeup, men’s skincare or whatnot. In other countries especially the east, like Egypt, the makeup is nothing new, it has been their daily routine. In countries like Korea, the makeup industries are flourishing like anything making huge profits due to its popularity.

The international fashion icons have been a major factor for making guy makeup no longer a taboo. The Genderless Kie, (from Japan) is flaunting the make like no one around. He has effortlessly shown that it is just not about the masculine or feminine aspect but about something that can give up more self-love and boost your confidence inside out. 

In recent history, makeup has become less gendered. The known brands are coming out with their bisexual or men’s beauty products. We can see the market is full of Chanel, Tom Ford and Maybelline beauty items, especially for men. Even the guys are not holding it back to flaunt it, James Charles has become such a big sensation in guy beauty, trying out something new every day. Even our TV stars are not keeping the trend down, man these days are putting on one or other skin products before they go in front of the camera. This clearly shows how the world is moving forward and stepping out of the box, breaking the stereotype. Trying their hands on something new, which can make them feel good.

To put it simply, if something makes you feel more of yourself, more confident and brings out a better version of yourself then there is no harm in trying it out. Makeup is taboo only till you consider it to be everyone living has the right to show self-love and groom themselves to a better version.

Revealing your flaw or covering them is just your choice, wearing makeup or not is just your play card. Makeup is there to make you confident while walking down the path and making you more of who you are. So it is better to make a perfect choice and flaunt style in your way.