Top 5 Grooming Tips for Men

Top 5 Grooming Tips for Men


  1. Moisturize everyday:

Face is the first thing that everyone notices. But what if you wake up and you notice that your cheeks and nose have white spots all over while the skin is itchy and red. What happens is that the skin loses moisture and becomes dry and dehydrated. The first step to combat this is to determine your skin type and then selecting proper products. For rough and tough skin moisturization is the key. You should take care of moisturization throughout the day. Include body lotion in the morning and bed routine. Also men who go out regularly are exposed to the harsh sun especially in this part of the world. If you can find a proper moisturizing sunscreen then it's a double bonanza, otherwise just a sunscreen will at least save you from early signs of ageing and skin dryness. Try BOTICOMAN ORGANICS, 7 in 1 Tinted Moisturizer for men. Infused with Hyaluronic acid and Squalane serum, it deeply moisturizes your skin from head to toe, protects the skin from sun damage (SPF-30) and conceals early signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles from the eyes of family, friends and foes.

  1. Cleanse your skin:

Cleansing out a dead skin is hard. So you must take care of it regularly. According to your skin type use a face wash daily and a face scrub two or three times a week to clean out all the dead skin, dirt and pollutants. Exfoliating face washes are thus the true saviours.

  1. Maintain hair hygiene:

Hair is the important aspect of men’s grooming. To maintain a healthy hair it's important to understand your hair and scalp type.  A clean scalp is a healthy scalp. If the scalp is not cleansed regularly, then there is a disruption of the microbial balance. This causes increased bacteria population and inflammation, which negatively affects the follicles. Just be sure not to excessively wash your hair since this can strip the hair of its protective oils. How often you wash your hair per week depends on your skin type. Also if you like to wear your hair short, we recommend getting it cut every three weeks or so. This will help keep it looking well-groomed and stylish. This is also a great time to refresh any fades or intricate hair designs.

  1. Tame the beast:

Nowadays pruning and styling a beard is as important as growing one. Beards of the past are back in the trend but with a new twist. With precision trimmers and razors you can shape your beards to a classic and yet modern look. For the corporate bros going longer with a beard might not be an option. You might not have enough time every morning to go through an extensive drill, so knowing the basics is important.  So if you wish to look well-groomed and stylish wear it short and get it trimmed every three weeks or so. Using leave-in and rinse out conditioners is key to keeping strands cared for, while limiting shampoo to once or twice a week. Additionally moisturizing ingredient like shea butter or cocoa butter adds shine and makes the beard look and feel great.

  1. Find your signature scent:

Frankly guys, this is by far the toughest territory to jump into. Unlike picking out any grooming tool choosing a right fragrance is a daunting task altogether. So spend some time mastering the art of choosing and applying the right cologne as it will cast a lasting impression. Just smell sharp and in accordance to the place you're visiting. You can try lighter citrus scents when you start you're day or go to work and a more intense muskier fragrance for your dates and night parties. After all good cologne will definitely make you feel confident and attractive.