The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness


Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one

 Marcus Aurelius


It is rightly written that for a gentleman to waste no time and work on what comes his way, whether professional or self & personal grooming. So here are the quick and short tips for you guys to endorse the art of manliness. 


There is no right time, to begin with, self-grooming and personal care. But I must say it is better to start when you hit your 20s, it gives you a lot more time for improvisation and values the skills that will help you all around your life. Some of these also include the skincare routine, men’s makeup and men’s fashion. Regardless of gender in this 21st century, this is the time to break the taboos and work on them. 

Gone are the days when men's skincare was not important and boys just used to bump out of bed, take quick showers and were ready to leave for college, work or any other occasion. If we currently see the men are being more aware and concerned about the skin, dressing, hair and beard styling and a lot more. 


Here are quick 5 tips to guide you to your best! 

To put simply when it comes to showing self-love is - be kind to yourself, look good, smell good, feel good and never forget to love yourself! So guys let me mention that style is much more than a well-fitting pair of tuxedos and shoes. 

Always remember when you look and smell good, you will get this extra confidence and it is worth it. Instead of spending countless hours in the bathroom performing regular rituals, how about just keeping it simple. So here comes the first tip guys, pay attention.

Don’t forget your soothing DEODORANT!

When you step out to your workplace or your F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion you generally pay a hug. So here is what you need to care about the most! Always remember that if you can’t smell it does not mean others also cannot. Yes, you got the culprit - sweat!

So it is always better to pick your scent nicely. As never forget, here is how you put your first expression. Your Deodorant is your ultimate saviour as it always protects you against smells created by your sweat and the bacteria that live on your armpit. 

So never forget to carry/wear your Deo’s while you go.


Always moisturize your skin.

Guys generally do not pay attention to their skin, which is a serious issue of concern. Therefore here comes your second tip - never forget your moisturizers every day/night. Moisturizing your skin every day gives your skin a smooth touch especially if you have sensitive dry skin. 

There are several men’s moisturizers in the market, but still few of you prefer to go with the female moisturizer, which is not meant for your skin type.

 For you, I will suggest going and picking BOTICOMAN ORGANICS's tinted moisturiser that is organic and specially designed for men. Other than this you can also pick their PARWHITE skin whitening face & body lotion is your ultimate tool to perfection. These are the two hotly trending products when it comes to guy beauty. Adding to this, it causes no harm to your skin. 

Put on some healthy makeup

Gone are the days when makeup was only associated with women. As now the men’s make up is something evolving at a very high rate and it's good to join the trend and get your place. 

When we talk about makeup it’s not something to flood up your skin with anything. We specifically talk about giving a touch up to your face. 

It is all about highlighting and making your skin perfect for you to walk with confidence. For this, you should add a BOTICOMAN ORGANICS’ concealer stick to the men's grooming products list. 

Keep it trim

Keep it trim, yes your nails, nose hair and your hair and beard. 

When we say keep it trim we want to say never ignore the fact that how you maintain your look gives an insight into your personality. Undoubtedly it is better to portray your best. I know you all will agree to it. 

Therefore, it is always better to dedicate 5 min once a week and clip your nails, trim your nose hair. Keeping a beard in shape and hair in style is never outdated, so do spare your time and regularly keep a charge of these small things that help to present the best of you. 

Always use sunscreen 

If you love getting sunburns then you can skip, otherwise, this is the must thing you should add to your grooming product list. 

The sunscreen not only protects your skin from the heat you also from extremely harmful UV rays that always looking for a chance to harm your skin. This may eventually cost you skin disease if you do not pay attention. 

These were a few tips for you to give a boom to your art of manliness and you can start taking care of yourself. Picking products in the market is another hard task therefore I will suggest you go with the brand that primarily focuses on men. I hope this will add value to your routine.